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Larger sized Footwear to 17.5 UK




Since 1885, the Dunham® brand has been committed to providing the best footwear to those who live to explore and challenge Mother Nature. The company had its humble beginnings in Vermont thanks to brothers, George and Charles Dunham. Their simple philosophy: deliver quality shoes and boots to anyone who has an affinity for the great outdoors.
In 1998, the Dunham brand was acquired by New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. The same dedication to making quality shoes for people who live, work and play outdoors that was present back in 1885 still holds true today. As a member of the New Balance® family of brands, Dunham can now provide its customers with the latest technologies and innovations.
The Dunham we are offering cover a wide range of sizes, widths and styles. Whether you are looking for a casual shoe to wear out on the town, a boot that will traverse your favourite trail, or a sandal for the beach, Dunham has you covered. If you are passionate about the outdoors and a shoe that fits great, Dunham is the brand for you.  Now part of the New Balance group.  Many shoes feature the trainer comfort system made famous by New Balance.           Please Note Sizes are marked in UK as 1/2 sizes, this is because it is an American Brand. Also the sizing of this brand is on the generous side.

20 Products for Dunham.

                    Extra wide fitting Casuals and Sandals
                 Larger sized footwear to size 19.5 UK.

Dunham. REV CRUSADE. BLACK. Sizes: 13. 14. 15.

Stylish Lightweight performance smart comfort fit Lace.  Sizes: 13 / 13.5. 14 / 14.5. 15 / 15.5.  Wide Fitting.  Normal price £120.00

Dunham. REV COAST. MID TAN. Sizes: 12.5. 13.5 14.5.

Stylish performance sporty Lighter weight comfort Lace casual. Sizes: 12.5. 13.  14.  Normal price £120.00

Dunham. LEXINGTON. BLACK. Sizes: 13.5. 14.5

Stylish Mudguard Oxford / Trainer style Lace Casual.  Sizes: 13.5. 14.5. 

Dunham. LEXINGTON. BROWN . Sizes: 13.5 14.5

Stylish Mudguard Oxford / Trainer style  Lace Casual.  Sizes: 13.5. 14.5. Ideal for town walking.

Dunham. REV DUSK. BROWN. 14. 15.

Sporty smart Plain toe Oxford  Lace up casual.  Sizes: 14 . 15.  Wide fitting model.   Generous fitting shoe to size.

Dunham. REV DARE. STONE. Sizes: 15. 16. 17. 18.

Sporty smart Brogue Oxford Lace up casual.  Sizes: 15. 16. 17. 18. Wide fitting model.  New REV Lite series.    Generous fitting shoe.

Dunham. BURLINGTON. BROWN. 13.5 -- 20.

Quality performance Smart Plain toe Oxford lace up.    Extra Wide Fitting.  Sizes: 13.5 -- 20.  New Improved waterproofed leathers.   ( Sizes 17--20  £15.00 extra )

Dunham. BURLINGTON. BLACK. 12.5. -- 19.

Quality performance Smart Plain toe lace up.  In 2 width fittings.  Extra Wide and Extra Extra Wide.  Sizes: 12.5. -- 19.  ( New improved with waterproofed leathers. ) ( Sizes 17--19 £15.00 extra )

Dunham. JACKSON. BLACK. Sizes: 14. 15.

Stylish and practical Smart Oxford toe cap lace up.   Sizes: 14. 15..    Ex wide Fitting.   Normal price £110.00  

Dunham. MIDLAND. BLACK. Sizes: 13 / 13.5

Quality performance Trainer inspired smart lace casual.  WIDE FITTING.  Sizes: 13.5,  ONLY. last pair.  Normal price £110.00 

Dunham. SHORELINE. BOATER. BROWN Leather. Sizes: 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Large fitting.

Performance activity Full leather Boater casual.  Sizes: 13.5 14.5. 15.5  Extra wide Fitting.

New In

Dunham. CAPTAIN. BOATER. NAVY. Sizes: 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Large fitting.

Performance and style from this great Leather Boater casual.  Sizes: 13..5  --  17.5  Ex wide Fitting.  

Dunham. CAPTAIN. BOATER. TAN. Sizes: 15. 17. Large fit.

Performance and style from this great Soft Nubuck Boater casual.  Sizes: 15..5 17.5  ONLY.  Ex wide Fitting.   

Dunham. CAPTAIN. BOATER. BROWN. Sizes: 13. 15.

Performance quality comfort Boater Casual.  Extra Wide Fitting.  Sizes: 13.5.  15.5.   
New In

Dunham. REV CHACE. BOATER. MID BROWN Leather. Sizes: 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Stylish performance sporty comfort Boater style casual. Sizes: 12.5. 13.  14. 15. 16. 17. 

Dunham. WINDWARD. SLIP ON. BROWN. Sizes: 16.5 17.5

Performance activity Boater style  Slip On casual.  Sizes:- 16.5.  17.5.  Wide Fitting.  ( This is the sister shoe to the hugely popular Captain lace up Boat shoe. )  Large fitting model.

Dunham. ST JOHNSBURY. SANDAL. BROWN. Sizes: 14. 15.

Performance Activity / Dress / Casual Leather Sandal    EXTRA WIDE FITTING.  Sizes:  14 / 14.5.  15/ 15.5.